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Her mission is to make known to all women their true worth, and the unconditional love that they already have in Jesus Christ.

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About the Author

Meska Dover was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. She grew up in a single parent home with her hardworking mother and two younger siblings. The life experiences of those around her is what she used as motivation to make a different type of mark in her life. She made a vow to remain a virgin until marriage at the age of 15 in hopes of beating and lowering the odds of her becoming a frowned upon statistic in today's society. As an adolescent she leaned on her friends and family to keep her distracted from the oath she made. However, once she graduated high school and moved to another state all she seemed to think about was male affection. How she had managed to never experience male affection and companionship as her peers did began to weigh heavily on her mind. Relocating and being in away from those that kept her mind free from these worries was what prompted the strong feeling of discontentment in her life. Out of this discontentment she embarked on what she describes as a "serial dating spree." This spree was supposed to bring her comfort in her time of despair, but in turn it only caused more unhappiness. 

After experiencing emptiness that comes from seeking false love and affirmation in this world, Meska Dover rededicated her life to God. She realized that a life hidden in Christ is the only type of life worth living. It is her hearts desire to see the chains of discontentment that once held her captive broken in the lives of women all over. 
Through sharing her own testimony and struggles she hopes to encourage others and bring glory to God. Her mission is to make known to all women their true worth, and the unconditional love that they already have in Jesus Christ. 

Meska is married to musician, author, writer, and spoken word poet Courtney Dover. They reside in Cincinnati, Ohio where they partner and coach others in bringing their own vision to life in book form. Meska also owns and runs an event designing company in her spare time (Deck'd Event Designs). She attends  City Gate Church and in 2018 released her first book titled "Confessions of a Serial Dater." This book is for single women and girls of all ages. It was written with the intent of enlightening those who are "single and ready to mingle" of how their time, as a single, is intended spent.   

"Did it ever occur to you that the reason you may be so frustrated with men and dating is because you weren't supposed to be trying to orchestrate this thing in the first place?"

"Confessions of a Seriel Dater"

Meska Dover

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Hey Girl...

Are you a single woman on the hunt for your soul mate? Do you find yourself constantly daydreaming about "the one" who is everything you desire in a man? Are you extremely anxious about when he'll enter into your life and sweep you off your feet? Are you a discontent single in need of guidance during this season of your life? 

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