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Are You a Thirst Trapper?

It's this guy you like...

You're bored...

You're lonely...

You just want some attention...

I've been there before...posting pictures with my cleavage exposed and some without just to be seen or to gain the attention of someone I'd wish would just notice me already so we could be together. 🥴🤦🏾‍♀️

I know some may say it's just a picture "What's the issue?", but the problem with this is that you're trying to fill a void. You have this desire to be noticed and to receive likes and praise for your looks or whatever else it is that you have going on in your life. You're looking for another person to validate that you're worth a double tap or some of their time just for thrills.

It's also sort of double minded in a way...we say that we want this well rounded God fearing man who is not just consumed with the physical alone, but Sis the only reason he slid into your dm's is because you had everything poking out in your lil' picture. 🤷🏾‍♀️

The real question we should be asking ourselves before we post anything to our social media accounts is "What's my motive?" The word of God encourages us to examine ourselves...

Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine. Test yourselves. Surely you know that Jesus Christ is among you ; if not, you have failed the test of genuine faith. 2 Corinthians 13:5 NLT

Are you posting that picture because you don't have faith that God cares about your desire to have a husband and want to take matters in your own hands? Or maybe you've experienced bullying/criticism in your life and you want to rub your glow up in their face?

Whatever it is:

We have to stop looking to others to confirm our worth and beauty.

We have to learn to be ok with being alone for a season.

We have to learn to stop indirectly chasing men and let him find his "good thing."

Find your worth in who the Word of God says you are.

Check out my Youtube video on this topic 

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