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What is Singleness Coaching?


As a single woman, it has been a difficult time dating. My experience in the dating world was failing me until I met Mrs. Dover. This woman has come into my life and has been helping me on my journey. Mrs. Dover has provided me with guidance, wisdom, inspiration and scriptures to help me along the way. There are times I doubt myself. However, she helps motivate me and spiritually direct me to restoration. God placed this woman in my life for a reason. I am still on my journey. I am loving it more and more. Are there times I veer off my path? Yes. Are there times I struggle? Yes. Mrs. Dover is there every step of the way. To remind us that we are human and God understands this. However, we learn and we get up to get right back on the path. Mrs. Dover has showed me how living in this singleness season with Christ can change your life for the better. I am loving every moment and growing on my journey.

Myah L.

A singleness coach can assist you in identifying the obstacles thay may be getting in the way of you experiencing the abundant life that God has called you to as a single woman. My intention is to assist you with accountabilty, recognizing adverse patterns, and then coming up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle you may be facing while trying to focus on wholeness before marriage.

What propelled me to enter into singleness coaching was my own season of singleness. I know first hand the feelings of isolation and dispair that can captivate your entire being. I can recall being so unhappy, depressed and borderline suicidal. I would get tired of waiting on God to "send my Boaz" and  I began to take matters into my own hands. In the end I only made things worse. It was only by God's grace that I was able come out of the stronghold of discontentment that the enemy had on my life.

When I came out on the other side of the messy distractions that I was "entangled" in God was finally able to speak to me regarding that season of my life. He began to reveal revelation knowledge in connection with my thoughts, decisions, and behaviors. As God enlightened me, He also placed on my heart every other woman that is being robbed of the fullness that this time in their lives is supposed to bring. The counsel God poured into me birthed my book "Confessions of a Serial Dater."

As I shared my testimony women of various backgrounds began to share with me how much it blessed them to know that they weren't the only one. Many of the married women even went on to add that they'd wish they had this information when they were single. I would often find myself advising friends, family members, and even strangers concerning their singleness and relationships.

It is not easy being a single woman with an enormous desire to be a wife. It can really be hard when we are flooded with relationship goals everywhere we turn. Your friends and family may not understand this yearning you may have, but I do. By enlisting me as your Singleness Coach you are investing in your spiritual well being. I commit to providing professional and confidential services as we seek to gain clarity surrounding what you want and why you want it. My time will be dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and motivating you to achieve contentment as a single and whole women.




By participating in/reading my coaching services/website/blog/email series you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist. Singleness Coaching in no way, shape, or form replaces psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. During our time together you will receive sound scriptural advice/ opinions based off of the living word (Holy Bible) of the one true God. In addition, I also draw from my own experiences to help guide you in this season of your life.
However, I can not guarantee the end result of your participation in my Singleness Coaching services/my website/blog/emails/recommendations as they are only expressions of my personal opinions. I am not a licensed psychologist and I am not able to diagnose/treat any medical or psychological condition. I will put forth my best professional skill set, effort, and care. Yet and still I cannot make any guarantees other than to deliver the coaching services purchased as described.

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