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As a single woman, it has been a difficult time dating. My experience in the dating world was failing me until I met Mrs. Dover. This woman has come into my life and has been helping me on my journey. Mrs. Dover has provided me with guidance, wisdom, inspiration and scriptures to help me along the way. There are times I doubt myself. However, she helps motivate me and spiritually direct me to restoration. God placed this woman in my life for a reason. I am still on my journey. I am loving it more and more. Are there times I veer off my path? Yes. Are there times I struggle? Yes. Mrs. Dover is there every step of the way. To remind us that we are human and God understands this. However, we learn and we get up to get right back on the path. Mrs. Dover has showed me how living in this singleness season with Christ can change your life for the better. I am loving every moment and growing on my journey.

Myah L.

Helping single women break through any barriers preventing them from living a full and abundant life with tailored solutions that focus on accountability, identifying and overcoming patterns of negativity, and ultimately helping you live a whole and joyous life. 

I was inspired to become a singleness coach after experiencing my own season of being single. I understand the feelings of isolation and despair that can consume a person's entire being. I vividly recall being unhappy, depressed, and even having suicidal thoughts. I grew tired of waiting on God to "send my Boaz," so I took matters into my own hands, which only made things worse. Thanks to God's grace, I was able to break free from the stronghold of discontentment that the enemy had on my life.

After emerging from a complicated and distracting time in my life, I finally opened myself to what God had to say about it all. As I reflected on my thoughts, actions, and choices, God revealed to me a wealth of divine wisdom. I realized then that many other women were also struggling to find the light in their own lives. This realization gave me the courage to write "Confessions of a Serial Dater," a book that explores my personal journey and the insights that God revealed to me.

When I shared my story, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of women from diverse backgrounds who found comfort in realizing that they were not alone. Even married women expressed how they wished they had been aware of this information when they were still single. I soon found myself giving advice to friends, family, and even strangers regarding their relationships and singleness.

As a single woman with a strong desire to find a partner, it can be difficult to feel content when it seems like society is constantly pushing us towards relationship goals. While your loved ones may not fully understand your yearning, I do. That's why I offer professional and confidential Singleness Coaching services to help you achieve spiritual well-being. My time is dedicated to providing support, encouragement, and motivation as we work together to clarify your goals and aspirations. Let me help you find contentment as a single, whole woman.


Disclaimer for Singleness Coaching Services

Thank you for participating in/reading my coaching services/website/blog/email series. Please note that I am not a licensed psychologist, and Singleness Coaching is not intended to replace psychological counseling, therapy, or medical advice in any way.


Throughout our time together, I will offer sound scriptural advice and opinions based on the living word (Holy Bible) of the one true God, as well as draw from my own experiences to guide you through this season of your life. However, please understand that any recommendations or opinions expressed are solely my personal opinions, and I cannot guarantee their effectiveness or outcome.


As a non-licensed psychologist, I am unable to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological conditions. I will provide my best professional skill set, effort, and care, but I cannot make any guarantees beyond delivering the coaching services as described.

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