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Putting Your Faith Into Action

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

How many times do we set out to do what God has called us to do and then after beginning suddenly coming to an abrupt stop because we might not see any fruit from it... or the zeal we once had about the task has dwindled away???

(This couldn't be a more fitting comeback blog...)

I was sitting with a good friend/sister of mine, and we were going over a bible study about not being led by your emotions. Before starting the study we both agreed that the title really spoke to us in this season. We started discussing this study...then sharing our thoughts and tactics we use to defeat how we feel in different situations. We got to the end of this study then over viewed and shared what stood out to us and what we were going to take from this study.

As she gave her take I listened, trying to figure out what I took from it. I suppose I became too comfortable with the topic and planned on giving a unintentionally vague response, but the Holy Spirit quickened me. With only one word he got me all the way together! He said "action".

From that one word a flow of revelation came unto me. Then James 2:14-26 came to mind.

14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds?Can such faith save them?

I felt the Holy Spirit telling me that if I have faith that he has called me to do a thing (write a book, start a business, or start a blog etc.) I can't just operate in faith alone concerning the task. I have to put my faith in ACTION. This means that if I believe God has called me to write a book to get a message out I can't sit on that. I have to be intentional with my actions and begin to write whenever I get the chance because the book is not going to write itself. 

If I allow my emotions to reign over my productivity I would never complete or start anything God wants me to do. I realized that I have to be intentional with what God gives me to do. There are still consequences behind unintended disobedience. 

I can't see the harvest of writing the book just yet, but if I were to quit based on being too tired, too busy, wanting to hang out or other things...I could be interfering with the ministering that is supposed to be done in the life of someone who needs to know that I went through what they are/did, and I came out and they can too!

What are you supposed to be doing?... are you letting how you feel dictate whether or not it gets done?

Get it done sis! It's people depending on your talent or maybe your story. Don't let your emotions paralyze you. Put your faith into action! 

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